“You’re a Dark One," said Anton. “All you see in everything is evil, treachery, trickery.”
“All I do is not close my eyes to them,” Edgar retorted. “And that’s why I don’t trust Zabulon. I distrust him almost as much as I do Gesar. I can even trust you more—you’re just another unfortunate chess piece who happens by chance to be painted a different color from me. Does a white pawn hate a black one? No. Especially if the two pawns have their heads down together over a quiet beer or two.” —Sergei Lukyanenko (Daywatch)

Humans are unaware of the things that go on around them, like the constant struggle between Light Ones and Dark Ones, changing the ever ebbing threads of balance. They also are quick to label Light and Dark as Good and Evil. But those that do so, are far too hasty to come to such a conclusion. Will a treaty ever be drawn between the two? Only time will tell.h2.

Card, Mask, and Candle